Special Projects





Tuesday, 10/25/16

We had a fun day celebrating the Tribe's entry into the World Series! Just about the entire day was baseball themed (except Word Study). Our day was comprised of 9 innings -- we even had a 7th-inning stretch!



1.        Bellwork: ABC order of baseball words

2.        Video: "Who's on First" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sShMA85pv8M

3 - 5.  Math Bases: Baseball Time, Baseball Fractions, Baseball Facts  

              (The baseball facts website is in the Websites section.)

6. - 8.  Language Arts Bases: Synonym Slide, Baseball Poem, Baseball Parts of Speech

                                                                                                                   (common nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adjectives)

9.         Tribe Party!!: Treats, flags, poster, and fun!












Fun Song

Tuesday, 9/20/16

These boys have been working on a fun song during recess and Choice Time. They

wanted to share with others as well. Enjoy! :)




Safari Videos

August 22, 2016

Happy 1st day of school! We had a great start to our learning safari! The day went SO smoothly.  This morning we talked about the needs required to a have safe safari (proper clothing, bug spray, water, food...).  I then showed the students a "fake" safari video.  We discussed the elements that made the video unreal.  Next, I showed a movie that I made using pictures and videos from my real safari.  The second half of this video is about our LEARNING SAFARI!  I promised the students that I would post both videos.  Enjoy!! :) 

Afterwards, I presented each student with a special Essential Safari Kit

Some pictures are below. (Since I don't know yet who is permitted to be posted on the website with beautiful smiles, the faces are covered.)










  • Safari Hat & Sunglasses:  It’s important to protect your eyes so that you can see all of your adventures.
  • Every voyager needs a snack.  Use the animal crackers and mint to help fuel your next journey.
  • You are learning in style when you wear your wrist wrap.
  • When you’re on the move, things can get messy…. wash the slate (and your hands) clean!
  • You never want to forget where you’ve been…use the pen and paper to log each journey because school is about to begin.    
  • When in doubt, use the pencil and eraser so you can fix your mistakes.
  • Reading will take you on many adventures, and you don’t want to lose your place. Use the bookmark to mark your space.
  • Overheating is not cool!  Use the fan to keep yourself cool.
  • Stickers: Every adventure needs supplies, and marking yours will make them easier to recognize.












Fake Safari


Tanzanian Safari & Learning Safari


Video of our safari-themed classroom